LDooL 7 – Sun's Out, Guns Out (24 Fancast)

A couple things right off the top: Ira Gaines is one of the best villains of all-time. While we obviously want Jack to succeed in stopping the assassination of David Palmer and rescuing his family, we're starting to realize that he destroy our new man-crush, Ira. Also, everyone comes dangerously close to competence in this episode, yet fall blessedly short. 'Cept for our boy Ira, obviously...that guy is cool as a cucumber.

Also, we find out who the mole is. You'll be just as shocked as we were. Well, not Curtis. He nailed it.

On a serious note (and TW: sexual assault) – if anyone is watching the show along with us, you'll notice we don't talk about a few scenes. While that's partially because we recorded for 95 minutes and didn't want to subject you to that, it's also because 24 has taken us – and its characters – to some shitty places. This show has used sexual assault in its narrative a few times already, and we decided to cut two scenes from our discussion: 1) a discussion between David Palmer and his daughter Nicole, just because it was a really shitty scene. It was just bad, y'all. 2) there's a scene at the end of the show in which – to cover up their plot to escape – Kim pulls our resident dipshit Rick on top of her and pretends she's being raped when another guard walks in. It fucking sucked, y'all, and the portion we cut was mostly just me yelling about that. So, we didn't consciously avoid talking about those topics on the show, but it's a massive bummer to see this shit in a show we love.