TILP 25 - The Bourbon Anniversary

What's that? No, YOU haven't written a blog post in 13 weeks. Don't come into my house and bring that noise at me. Ahem. Anyway, here's a long-promised blog post that will in no way try to recap the 12 episodes of TILP I've missed. Before we dive into our 25th episode (!!!), let's address a few things:

We are very bad at in-person episodes, particularly those recorded in Chicago.

Having now established ourselves in the upper echelon of podcast professionals, it's important to share a critical statistic: 9 out of 10 premier podcasters agree the first step toward a stellar recording is to turn on your microphone. I'd like you to guess that 10th, rogue podcaster. If you guessed Michael, well...you'd be correct, but after all the dumb shit I've said on this show, you really should have guessed me. Thank you, faithful friend.

So, yeah...we beefed it. The audio on this way isn't great (about as good as 80% of other podcasts out there, hey oohhhh), but your two hosts turn in another great performance. Hopefully it won't detract from your earhole experience.

Just a few points from Michael and Curtis' great interview with Daniel Webster-Clark of RompHim (I've you haven't listened yet, get directly after it right here).

  • I deeply regret not knowing Curtis as a child. That man's superhero instincts are very much on-point. And slightly terrifying.
  • Please know that I love Tom Hanks. If he did Sully to fund a Band of Brothers-esque miniseries set in Northern Africa WW2, then I forgive everything. I suspect he just wanted the easiest $15 million of all time. (also, holy shit Tom Hanks earned $70 million for Forrest Gump? Gotta wonder if that includes Bubba Gump royalties.)
  • I love Michael's conspiracy theories more than anything else on this planet. I need my uncle to guest host one week.

I'm really gonna try to make this a weekly habit again, y'all. Please share, and thanks for listening!