TILP 6 – All Star, but with an Extra Bone

Folks, this was a fun one. Coming off the election, it was incredible to see and join the Women's Marches around the US (and the world). We talk through that and what it means following a Trump inauguration, and then we get into a pretty serious palate cleanser: a YouTube black hole full of Smash Mouth.

So, before we address the meat of this episode I want to assure everyone that I'm not a complete and utter moron. When you reach 42:15, you'll know what I'm talking about. We talk about a lot of dumb shit on this episode: plane porn, gigantic penises, lemonade around the world and lots more. But literally nothing is dumber and more fantastic than YouTube's obsession with All Star, by Smash Mouth. Please...enjoy a few of our favorites. (We're so, so sorry.)