TILP 10 – That Girl Is Poison

Wowzers, y'all - there is a lot to talk about in this one. First, thanks to everyone who got us to episode ten (and almost to 700 dang downloads!), we really had no idea what to expect with the show, but y'all are awesome. Now, let's get to some housekeeping. We had to record this episode twice because of some pretty serious audio issues when we tried to record in person, soooo some things got a bit hairy.

First, on the accidental assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the NY Times fake news'd some brand new information on the case, and it is even more bonkers than we thought.

Second, lest I fully besmirch my sister's good name (more than all the condom make-up talk) and historical knowledge, any incorrect claims I made about people claiming that THE ENTIRETY OF HUMAN HISTORY is a fiction created by Jesuit priests are all my fault, not hers. Also, you heard it hear first: Dan Brown's next book will be titled Phantoms, Yo.

Finally, get a load of these fucking idiots running animal escape drills. Literally the least effective corporate training ever conceived.