TILP 8 – Fine Corn Cannibals

Well, did everyone enjoy the Big Game? My new adopted town really loved the first half, and that dope Lady Gaga shit. And then we all blacked out. This week is a real doozy, folks. We talk boycotts, we talk online dating, we talk shoving condoms up your nose. All the horny subjects you've come to expect.

Also, where do wizards make all that poop go?

And if you absolutely must – and I really wish you wouldn't – take a moment to indulge Michael and vote for the official name of the semi-official Michael Cushing Fan Club (and, per the episode, please be aware I am a terrible target of affection).


Please understand how uncomfortable your vote makes me. If you simply had to choose a name for a Mike Cushing fan club, what would you choose:
Cush Squad