TILP 5 - Snake Plisskengate

Hey folks, welcome back to Trends in Low Places! This week, we decided to try something new and do this thing sober - the results are shocking. We talk urinal buddies, take a completely unrelated path through Trump's inauguration and go DEEP on Sina Weibo. Clowns may become involved.

If you've made it through our first few episodes, you'll probably notice we've been trying to find our sweet spot, and I think episode 5 gets a little closer to that. We're shorter, faster, stronger, and - I cannot stress this enough - we're really trying to cut out our problematic opinions. Much of the bad shit we (mostly me) said in the first few episodes stemmed from a lack of preparation and panic. 

We're loving the feedback everyone has shared with us, and we hope to get more. Thanks for listening!